20 Sep 2012

Sweet Code

There was a time when I'd fallen 
You had helped me stand again 
Relieved me from the pain 
Never expected from you the same 

It was all black 
You showed me ray of light 
Brought back delight 
by putting your ego aside 

From the hell, you brought me back 
Showed a part of you 
that existed; 
I never knew 

After giving me a brand new life 
You are back to your shell 
where you'd originally dwell 
Its a sweet code 
that I can't crack. 

Do I need to fall again, 
to witness your loving rain? 

Left Behind

Did I leave anything behind? 

I woke up 
Hurriedly dressed up 
Ate my breakfast 
Headed to catch the school bus 

Did I leave anything behind? 

I woke up 
Hurriedly dressed up 
Ate my breakfast 
Headed to catch the train to Delhi 

Did I leave anything behind? 

I woke up 
Hurriedly dressed up 
Ate my breakfast 
Headed to catch the DTC to my office 

Did I leave anyting behind? 

I woke up 
Hurriedly dressed up 
Ate my breakfast 
Headed to catch the flight to UK 

Did I leave anything behind? 

I woke up 
Hurriedly dressed up 
Ate my breakfast 
Headed to catch the Stagecoach to my office 

Did I leave anything behind? 

I woke up 
Hurriedly dressed up 
Ate my breakfast 
Headed to catch the flight back to India 

Did I leave anything behind? 

I woke up 
Hurriedly dressed up 
Ate my breakfast 
Headed to catch the train back to my hometown 

Did I leave anything behind? 

Throughout my journey I have been asking just one question 
Too busy to really seek an answer 
I moved on, 
But, somomehow, my heart didn't 

Now I know 
What I left behind 

I left behind memories 
Some good, some bad 
Some forgotten, some cherished!! 

26 Feb 2010

Sprouts!! Sprouts!! Sprouts!!

Sprouts are one of my favorites. I tried to make sprouts with failure everytime. This time, though, I did it.... It is a happy moment for me... Then, I did a bit of experimenting and made "Germanized Moth Sev Poori".. Es hat Gut geschmeckt....  :)

23 Feb 2010

Life is a Jigsaw Puzzle..!!

Our life is really like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle with newer pieces adding up everyday. We build and re-build the relationships, arrange and re-arrange the moments, sort and re-sort incidents, find and re-find reasons.... and let the puzzle of life grow on...

If something has a tendency to grow then it will grow. No relationship, no moment, no incident, no reason is strong enough to prevent it from growing. Only thing which can hinder the "growing up" process, is the creator of the puzzle.

Who is the creator of the puzzle - one who manufactured it OR the one who purchased it?

This is the ultimate question of life which entangles us all...............

What do u think about it? Lemme know ur funda about this funda of mine....

13 Feb 2010

When Nidhi met SRK..

Itni shidaat se main tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai,

hi har zaare ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai.
I had no idea that I would meet SRK in this way. I never planned for it and it just happened.

I tried to get the tickets of the Premiere show on 12th Feb. but couldn't get it. I got the ticekts for the repeat screening. :(

On 12th Feb., I went to the Berlinale Palast after my German class just to inspect the situation. I reached at 1:00 pm and there were around 40-50 fans who were standing since 8:00 am in the morning. They were all germans and I spoke to them about their love for SRK and bollywood. Their love and craze towards SRK was truly amazing and it made me feel proud as an Indian. There was girl who had brought 2 roses for SRK (1 red and 1 white) and had scribbled a message on it which read, '"There are 2 roses for U: 1 red for all the love that you have given us and 1 white because I know this is your favorite color."

It was overwhelming to note how despite the language barrier I could feel connected to these people. Looking at their craze, I decided to stay back to catch a glimpse of SRK when he arrives for the show at 10:00 pm. My mind said that it is crazy but like always I listened to my heart.

It was freezing and snowing. My legs got numb with the cold. I asked my friends to block the space for me and went inside the nearby shopping mall to warm myself and relax. I took these relaxation turns 2-3 times and bought myself eatables and drinks.
It was during one such trip insdie the mall that I went to the ticket counters without any hope or expectations. I asked the guy at the counter that if the tickets for the current show of MNIK are available? He said, "yes". I couldn't believe and asked him back, "Really? For the premiere show with SRK??" He smiled and said, "yes". As per the rule only 2 tickets per person are allowed. But I managed to purchase 4 tickets and the guy at the counter was smiling back at me.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

Before entering the cinema hall, we were waiting with the fans just outside the red carpet. The director of the Berlinale came and asked us to get in quickly else entry would not be allowed once stars arrive there. He made special arrangements for few of us and a security person pulled us in... We, then, walked on the red carpet..
We got the seats just behind SRK and could manage to take his autograph. When SRK looked into my eyes and smiled, I felt the same love which I feel while watching SRK's movies. His eyes are really so enigmatic and romantic as it gets portrayed on screen.

Kajol was looking stunning in the Indian outfit. She looked more pretty than she looks on screen.

11 Feb 2010

About Life..

Life has been defined by so many people in myriad ways. Everyone has their own definition of Life. But still no one really understad the real meaning of it. The more one comes to know its meaning, the more questions it generates.

Today I found something about life which I feel like believing and following..

3 Feb 2010

Just Do It..

I have realized that the only way to do something is "Just Do It"... Thinking and planning won't help. It will only procrastinate the task. If a task had to be done then stop thinking and start doing...

"Small things done are better than Big things planned!!!"

22 Jan 2010

Rajasthani Folk Songs

Mera assli kali ka lehenga.... mehendi raachan laagi... aayi shubh ghadi....

Today I got to check out few Rajasthani Folk Songs. Although they were new to me but I thought I have heard these tunes sometime before.. Strange... isn't it? I really felt like I know these tunes and these are integral part of my being.

I recalled dancing on these tunes in my School Annual Day functions... Rajan Sir was our Dance Teacher. Like a flash of light, School days came into my sight... The Dance practice sessions, the discussions that followed. It was crazy!! I miss those carefree days now..

I recalled my daadi freaking out throughout our Home asking moms, chachis et al to do this and that.. asking kids not to keep their sane.. all sorts of preparations for Festivals in our Home. A festival was literally that - a moment, a day, an evening filled with celebrations. I miss those fun-filled days now..

I recalled myself, my brother and cousins running around throughout our Sweet Home... making lots of noise, dancing in the rains (yes literally). We would go on the Terrace whenever it rained and had a freakingly gala time. I miss those rainy days now..

It was indeed a beautiful feeling to have discovered this relationship I was having between Me and Rajasthani Songs...

If I would have started fancying these songs before my marriage then I would have defintely prepared my "Sangeet" on a Rajasthani theme.. Unfortunately, I am already married now.. :P

8 Jan 2010


That was the time when I was a little kid. There were very few shelves in my wardrobe. I wanted a bigger one so that I can have much more shelves. Few shelves were taking care of most of my belongings and were good enough to hold what I had. However, I craved for a bigger one.

When I grew up, I got a bigger one. I was so amused and thrilled that I decorated it with lots of love and care. I kept on segregating it further into as many shelves as I could. The number of shelves in my wardrobe grew by the day. My wardrobe turned into a big clutter. Now and then, whenever I wanted something from it, it gave me a hard time to get hold of it.

Then it occurred to me that I need to reduce shelves in it. I have to have only so much shelves as are enough to accomodate my immediate need things. The future things and past things need to be kept at bay.

Life became easier thereafter. I had fewer shelves now and was able to locate whatever I wanted with ease. I became a happy person all over again.

Days passed by and I became a mature person...  Little things that life offereed became mundane and it was no more thrilling to see a glimpse of the shelves and things in my wardrobe. It became just another furniture for me... and I was no more possessive about it. Nor was I very much keen to talk abt it or decorate it.

I resorted to take a look into my wardrobe. Then one fine day, I was taken aback to see that the shelves are no more what they used to be... The partition seem to have disappeared and it all became a big one piece of storage space. I had been accostumoed to search for my things in this big space that I did not seem to bother abt it. It is only now that I had figured out why the thrill was not there anymore..

Then I rearranged the shelves once again and made sure that the things that belonged to one should not be allowed to peek a boo into the other and vice versa..

That day changed my destiny. I became not only thrilled for life all over again but realized that this thrill is here to stay.. for a much longer time..

Do you have your own Wardrobe Story to share? :)

PS: Inspired from a discussion with Mahesh Bansal.